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Hi! 👋

My name is Karel Čermák.

and I'm a web developer.

A bit about me:

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I'm a student.

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I love web technology.

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I like to develop new projects.

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I'm fascinated by any technology - like Bitcoin.

Do you have a cool idea for a new project?

I like new challenges. I approach each project individually. And I try as much as possible to connect clients' ideas with realization.

If you have an idea, email me at Together we can come up with a new project that works.

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My projects:

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YesCamp logo

Children's camps YesCamp have been making many children happy for several years.

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TOM service logo
TOM service s.r.o.

The company TOM service s.r.o. based in Moravany focuses with the maintenance of trucks.

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Easy Fly logo
Easy Fly

Easy Fly focuses on training and courses on flying RC aircraft and selling RC models.

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ProČmeláky logo

E-shop ProČmelá specializes in the manufacture of hive monitoring products.

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Stock Finder logo
Stock Finder

With Stock Finder, you can quickly search millions of images on Stock Sites.

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Discord Emoji logo
Discord Emoji

Send your favourite emoji to the popular communication platform Discord.

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Spend Billionaires logo
Spend Billionaires

Try spending money like you're a billionaire.

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Name Generator logo
Name Generator

Generate any name you want. The service contains more than 1500 Czech and English names.

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Changelog logo

This website lists any changes and updates on my websites and services.

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Enplated logo

Enplated is a group of projects to simplify web development and other activities.

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Enplated Syncer logo
Enplated Syncer

An app that enables you to sync data between devices and much more.

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Enplated Mirror logo
Enplated Mirror

Enplated Mirror is a simple PHP file manager that can manage shared data.

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Enplated Framework logo
Enplated Framework

Simplify website development and its boring basics with Enplated Framework.

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Enplated Email logo
Enplated Email

Create simple and beautifully designed emails without difficult formatting.

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FutureSpend logo

Thiw WordPress site is a simple, clear, one-page Demo site for a graphics company.

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iPoint logo

This WordPress Demo website focuses on making an e-shop for selling Apple devices.

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Pizzeria La Deluxe logo
Pizzeria La Deluxe

Demo website with e-shop solution modified with add-ons for online delivery service.

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VALE logo

Demo web focused on making a website for a company offering an information system.

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AquaPark Svět logo
AquaPark Svět

Demo site for the physical place, with an emphasis on impression through photos.

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Kryštof Záruba logo
Kryštof Záruba

Demo presentation to musician with basic information and other details.

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PowerUp logo

Demo site for the sale of a specific product, with the aim of simple web development.

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Elektronia logo

Demo site for a company engaged in the development and sale of electronics.

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Inspirations AI logo

A tool for posting content on Instagram and Twitter about artificial intelligence.

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Gympl Bot logo
Gympl Bot

Twitter bot that regularly posts texts/ frames from the Czech film Gympl.

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My experience:

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I have been actively working with WordPress for over 4 years. I have experience in it from creating corporate websites and e-shops.

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I've only recently started learning the Laravel framework and so far I'm using it for some systems where WordPress is limiting.

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I use PHP for practically every backend of a web project. I've also used it for several Twitter and Instragram bots.

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I don't have that much experience with JavaScript, but I have no problem writing simple or advanced functions for the web.

MySQL icon


In MySQL I have experience in designing simple and complex databases, working with data and more complex commands.

Git icon


I use Git for versioning any larger and more complex projects, including pushing data to GitHub.

Bootstrap icon


I have only recently come into touch with Bootstrap. I use it mainly for web applications where user experience is more important than high-end design.

HTML 5 icon


HTML is probably the basic that every web developer knows, right? :)

CSS 3 icon


Although I don't use pure CSS for websites that much anymore, I have experience in it, including responsive websites and special customizations for WordPress.

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Although I don't like Java at all, if I need to write a desktop application, I have no problem using it.

Arduino icon


With Arduino I have a lot of experience in creating complete electrical devices that are intended for ordinary users and their control must be as simple as possible.

Windows Server icon

Windows Server

In Windows Server, my main experience is with setting basic permissions for AD workstations and their basic configuration for smaller companies.


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Funovation Con22

1. 10. 2022

1st place at the Funovation Con22 Hackathon organized by Foxconn.

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Erasmus+ CIT

24. 6. 2022

Successful completing a computer game development internship at Unity in Granada, Spain.

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Cisco IT Essentials

28. 4. 2020

Successful completion of the Cisco Networking Academy IT Essentials course.

You can also find me at:

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GitHub icon K-cermak

Twitter icon k_cermak

Pixabay icon K-cermak